Dr. M V Priyaank
Abundance & WellnessCoach
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About Dr M V Priyaank

Dr M V Priyaank is an award winner "Abundance & Wellness Coach Par Excellence" by WOW MAHASA. The journey of healing and wellness began since more than 26 years exploring various major alternative healing modalities & personal development programs which includes Pranic Healing, Reiki, Psych-K, EFT, NLP etc..

After Transitioning from being IT Entrepreneur to Wellness Entrepreneur, Priyank has trained more than 100,000 people across the globe on various topics.

Dr M V Priyaank specializes in utilizing modern technology integrating them with energy science and using them for exploration which makes people understand as well as explore the knowledge with logical explanation.

Currently other than providing training on Sound Healing across the globe, Priyank specializes in clearing of Abundance blocks integrating combinations of more than 26 therapies to excel and open channels for new opportunities specially related to financial aspects in one’s life.

Dr M V Priyaank is on a mission to Educate and Empower people leading Healthy, Wealthy and Prosperous life.



Simplified Journey to Unleash your Abundance

Sound Healing For Holistic Lifestyle

Free 2 hours LIVE TRAINING

Learn how to become abundant in health, financial and relationships without suffering many years to get the desired outcome

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Sound Healing Bootcamp


Sound Healing with Singing Bowls is an ancient art through which one can transform vibrations to heal many ailments. These trainings are done only in person physical workshop

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Chakra Healing Masterclass

(Online - 3 Hours)

Join Lakhs of Indians who have Achieved SUCCESS, PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS in their lives through Healing, Re-activating and Re-aligning their Chakras.

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Holistic Lifestyle Intensive

(Online - 3 Days Live)

3 Day Live Online Immersive program where you learn formulas to implement in order to start manifesting your Health, Financial, Relationship and Spiritual Goals.

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Abundance Council

(Online - Recorded + live)

It’s a private long term program not open for all but only to those committed to take their life to a very next level. To start achieving 3-5 year goals in just few months.

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“I am getting new n new income options in my life now and able to manifest things a lot now, the people who have missed the session they have really missed success.”
“Excellent practical step by step, Executing the process and help us to understand the process of clearing obstacles and attracting abundance in life”
“Amazing techniques. He helps a huge number of people transform their lives with his amazing techniques. Every challenge he throws has a reason behind it which is revealed by self when implemented. Self love is something which he emphasizes on most of the time and it really shifts our thought process and approaches if practiced. He is a well wisher for everyone. His sound healings during the meditations are magical. Thank you Priyank and the success gyan team for helping many people in this world to transform their lives towards betterment and higher.”


what our students say

Few testimonials shared by students attended Dr. M.V.Priyank's trainings. 

Success Interviews

hear from our students


Jitendra B. Gopalkrishna

Chartered Accountant (CA)

Dive into Jitendra's amazing journey from working CA before coming to my coaching system to currently owning Multi crore businesses within 2 years.

He incorporated Sound Healing into his Stock Trading & Trainings which is helping his students to grow massively even in Covid situations.

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Veena BK

Parenting & Dyslexia coach

Healed her knee pain and back pain and also healed her mother's insomnia which is there for 10 years.

She got clarity about life purpose and now she transformed herself from former bank officer to Parenting & Dyslexia coach.

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