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Priyank is on a mission Educate and Empower people leading Healthy, Wealthy and Prosperous life. The journey of healing and wellness began since more than 17 years exploring various major alternative healing modalities & personal development programs which includes Pranic Healing, Reiki, Psych-K, EFT, NLP etc..

After Transitioning from being IT Entrepreneur to Wellness Entrepreneur, Priyank has trained more than 24,000 people across the globe on different healing modalities. Priyank specializes in utilizing modern technology integrating them with the energy science and using them for exploration which makes people understand as well as explore the knowledge with logical explanation. Currently other than providing trainings on Sound, Auricular and Angel Therapy across the globe, Priyank provides consultations for healing integrating combination of more than 16 therapies as well as coaching people to excel as well as expand in health, financial, relationships, business as well as spiritual aspects of one’s life.

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The Mission

My Mission is to Educate & empower people to unlock their full potential leading healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.

I am on a Mission to help 100,000 people to enjoy Freedom Lifestyle following their passion and building the lifestyle the way you want to.

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