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Join Lakhs of Indians who have Achieved SUCCESS, PROSPERITY and HAPPINESS in their lives through Healing, Re-activating and Re-aligning their Chakras.

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STARTS ON 16th June 2024 (9:30AM to 12:30PM)

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Do you want Happiness & Prosperity in your life?

Remove the dark energy that is blocking You and energize each chakra in your body from the comfort of your home

Gift yourself these 3-hours and watch your life transform and attain the five principles of pure consciousness in your body.

The question is, ARE YOU READY?

Areas of life you will Conquer

Health & Wellness
A lifetime of perfect health for you and everyone you care about.

Positive Circumstances
Attract Only Positive Circumstances in your Life

Finding Happiness
Bring happiness and joy in your life and everyone around you

Positive Relationships
Achieve a Balanced, Satisfying and fulfilling relationships with your friends, family & romantic partner.

Become A Celebrity
Become an active person in your social life.

Attraction Magnet
Become a Magnet that attracts every dream and wish easily

Abundance in Finances
Total Financial security so that you never again have to worry about money.

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Today’s Price : ₹149/-

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What will you learn in this workshop?

  • You will learn about each Chakra
  • The color associated with each Chakra.
  • The positive qualities supported by each Chakra and what a balanced and healthy Chakra looks like.
  • The negative qualities or impacts a Chakra might create if it is out of balance. 
  • Which Chakras are responsible for financial growth, career (job or business), physical health, emotional wellbeing, and relationships. 
  • How to heal and balance each Chakra. 
  • How to remove negative energies from Chakras.
  • How to energize each Chakra with all required positive qualities.

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Success Rewiring Formula 
Ever wondered how could people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins become super successful? They followed some rituals every single day, leading to such amazing success. Here is the complied formula that if you follow daily, you will manifest massive growth and success in your life.


Full Body Reset
Would you like to reset every part of your body with deep relaxation and rejuvenation every day, especially after a lot of workloads, exhausting or hectic days? This Audio program will help you drift into deeper relaxation in just a few minutes and reset your mind and body to be more rejuvenated as well as productive.

Our Promise

Get this amazing offer today for just Rs 149, and get a money – back guarantee. Join today, go through our webinar and if you don’t like it for any reason, simply send us an email and we’ll refund every penny – no questions asked!

Frequently Asked Questions

Chakra Healing Workshop is anyone and everyone who is suffering in their health, relationships, and finances are looking to improve their lives with the help of spiritual methods.

Yes, practitioners can also join this workshop to update their knowledge and learn new practices to heal chakras

The 3-Hour Workshop costs INR 149 only.

You will receive the zoom link in your inbox of the email id you used at the time of registration.

Please write us to with your queries or grievances and we will reach soon.

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